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Change in fashion is nothing but the revisit of tradition in a contemporary way. Evolution of Indian fashion right from ancient to modern times is a colloid of ethnicity and new styles like the biosphere where the entire process recycles again and again to keep the environment intact. To spot the best attire from the wide collections of Indian fashion industry is not easy as imagined. The varieties are numerous that people's desire hops from one decision to another. Despite this perplexity, lehenga choli takes its position in the second place next to the most elegance and fragile outfits' the saree.

The origin of lehenga was from the hottest state, Rajasthan remarked for its cultural and traditional followings. Its voyage from Mughal era to ramp walks is exciting with different mixture of materials, patterns, and designs. The insignificant difference is the name change from ghagra choli to lehenga choli. The change in styles includes A-line lehengas, Circular lehengas, Paneled lehengas, Mermaid lehengas, Ish-tail lehengas, Straight-cut lehenga, Kali ghagras lehengas, Full-flairs' lehengas and lot more.

In fact, in rural places, lehenga depicts the status of the person wearing it, for instance royal families afford satin or silk fabric decorated with gold and silver embroidery along with expensive stones studded in it. While below the line families go with cotton fabric with or without embroidery or patch work of mirror. Its usage is dominant is almost all weddings and important events. Brides are made distinct by wearing heavy worked and vibrant coloured bridal lehenga choli that is heavier than her body weight. Present day brides prefer complicated embroidery works with heavy designs and patterns.

Lehengas are differentiated by the type of fabric used such as Silk lehenga, Cotton lehenga, Georgette lehenga, Crepe lehenga, Net lehenga, Satin lehenga, and Chiffon lehenga. In addition, the designs vary from one fabric to another so as to make it more appealing. For example, silk Wedding lehengas are popular for tie and die, bead embroidery, zari embroidery, stone work, mirror work, and zardosi, whereas, cotton lehengas are known for bandhini print, patch work, tie and die, and applique work.

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