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Buy Shriya Saran Saree Online

- LaxyOmbre, a hot fashion trend that emerged few years back, still continues to rule. This trendy and rather contemporary style trend has a timeless and a classic appeal to it as well. While ombre dresses are big hit in the West, ombre Sarees have become a wardrobe staple when it comes to Indian Fashion.

Smitten with this style trend, Laxy loved an orange ombre Saree as seen on popular South Indian actress Shriya Saran and wanted a similar Saree . She wanted the same vibrant orange gradient effect as featured in the original Saree as seen on Shriya along with the similar embroidered pattern.

Since the vivid orange ombre effect accounts for the beauty of this Saree , our Designers retained the similar shades of orange. Pure georgette was used for making this Saree since it is soft, comfortable, easy to drape and being a pure fabric retains the colors well when dyed. The zari embroidered creeper pattern was further enhanced with sparkling sequins. The Saree Blouse in a matching single shade of orange featured embroidered sleeves.

This lovely orange ombre Saree is bright and beautiful and would flatter most skin tones. The best thing about this Saree is that it is simple and yet strikingly beautiful!!