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Evolution of Indian Traditional Apparel

Women have the credit of availing many choices when it comes to dress and accessories. Men often have less of choice. Today, even men want to be unique and look smart with their available attires. The media also has its major role in developing the interest of fashion in almost to all men to add more stylishness to their look.

Indian movies are the living examples for the drastic changes and styles in men's wear. In 50's men in Indian movies use to wear all the traditional apparels like dhothi and kurtha and a few western formal dresses. Every other movie would have the same kind of attires throughout and slowly in 60's and 70's the western style started attracting Indian women and most of the Indian man worn all Western stuff like suits, long trousers, and shirts in all mild colors. The Indian outfits were majorly worn only during any special occasions and a very few as casual wears had those flares.

In late 70's and early 80's Indian movies had the most of western outfit that automatically became the trend of common people. This was the period when Indians started flaring for western outfits. Slowly in late 80,s and early 90's it became the trend of western for official and casual wear and traditional wears only on special occasions. Later in the mid 90's the new fusion of Indo Western style came to existence. Thus, every Indian man started wearing stylish sherwani's and kurtha's as there prefect outfits. Later than the fashion started sizzling till date.

Men Indian Wear:

There are many stylish Indian traditional wear available for Indian men. As Indian movies play the most important role in these latest trends and the men in the movies wear outfits that were traditional like sherwani's which had a stylish look with the collar and stylish brooches and also a stylish stole that would go well along and give a Indo western style of look to the Indian Men Suits. The Prince coat with the formal trousers are also said to be an indo western style.

Till date Indian ethnic wears always been the best preference in India, when it comes to any traditional celebrations. The Sherwani's are said to be the most wanted wear for any special occasions like wedding. Since, it has the cultural compassion and rich influence among the common man. Now men are also equally interested in dressing up and finding a modest style that would attract everyone.

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